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12.20.2023: added a music player and an actual description of myself >:3

12.19.2023: made a header, background, and added some decor along with a section for friends' sites!!

11.25.2023: implemented new layout. starting from scratch again after many, many layout revamps...

1.15.2022: created site!


heyo! i'm khaos/fern, a genderless aroace autistic objectum 20-something system host possessing a fascination with art, nature, experimental music, fucked up beasts and also creatures, fictional robots/ai, old tech, things nostalgic to me, and niche video games. graphic design is quite literally a passion of mine and i've always been tinkering with site themes and what aesthetics represent me via art, edits, ocs, and the like since my days on neopets beginning in 2007. i plan on making this site even less mobile friendly (or eye-friendly) in the future when i finally get a hang of coding things on my own and actually have the energy to add more graphics. desktopchads stay winning. i hope i am disconcertingly offputting to anyone who witnesses me and anything i create. that's where the khaos in my handle comes from babeyyyy!!!! (that and also the recurring theme of "chaos" in the sonic series really)

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